Recommended Tools

Recommended Based On Experience

Below are the tools that we actually use when building our dashboards. The help bring data into our reports and automate the whole process. We belong to affiliate programs for many of the links below, meaning it doesn't cost you anything extra, but we may be compensated for referring you. Please reach out with any questions about which tool would be best for you. Thank you! -Dashboard Junkie

Our #1 Choice

Power My Analytics

Why we recommend it: I’ve been paying for Power My Analytics for nearly 4 years! I use it on my dashboards, and it’s the first thing I recommend to clients. The pricing model is great as well. A single connector starts at $15/m, while the Pro Package that includes connections to Looker Studio and Google Sheets is just under $100/m. 

Great For Agencies!


Why we recommend it: This platform is a powerhouse. It’s a premium option that comes at a cost, but their platform and customer support justify it. I most often come across this platform when working with marketing agencies or larger brands, so if you’re one of those – check it out!